Fishing Kaos

With a slight breeze blowing, calm seas and the confidence through the roof a good day was on the cards, Paul Rochford and crew from South Walker Creek Mine, Nebo.

We arrived at our first spot in the shipping channel around 8 o’clock,  the hooks were baited and on their way quickly to the bottom. The first two not even making it that far before they were engulfed and line started peeling off the reels.

Red Emperor FishingThis was the start of one action packed day, within 20 minutes everyone had caught at least two keepers and were sitting down for a breather and a hard earned drink.

All except one keen angler who stuck to his guns stating he wasn’t sitting down until he’d caught his first Reddy.

On one such drift it was non stop for about an hour as the skipper and I wondered why we hadn’t drifted off the mark.

I finally got a spare second I noticed we’d hardly moved at all the wind and the tide were fighting against each other making us do circles over and over our mark.

The Hot Steamy weather had certainly fired up the fishing and produced on hot session which no one will forget in a hurry.

Large nannygaiWith the esky starting to fill up, a change of spot was decided in the hope it might slow the boys down, Tuff I know.

This however was not the case with it being all systems go at the next spot with some good Grassy lipper and the first reddy being boated it was time for another breather and a bit of lunch.

I took this as an opportunity to put one in the esky for myself,  so I swiftly dropped a squidgy to the bottom only for it to get smashed within the first minute, with another nannygai in the esky.

It was back to work with some of the boys soon reaching bag limits on the large mouth nannygai and healthy ones being released, with an hour left and the persistent kiwi yet to take a break from finding that elusive reddy.

Reef FishingI jokingly commented it was a a monster reddy on it’s way up only to my surprise when it did surface and was a quality 5kg model.

With the rest of the boys reaching their bag limits and a nice coral trout to top it all off.

It was soon decided the beer was running too low to stay out any longer, the lines came in and we headed for home for some hard earned tales of the ones that didn’t get away and a few happy snaps.

A day that will never be forgotten by all on board that fateful day.

Brent Stephenson

Reefari Deck Hand