Fishing Report July 2010

It Really Does Not Get Any Better Than This…

What a month July 2010 has been!

It has been a little hectic I must admit, but the fishing has been unreal!

Between the Spanish Mackerel Shootout, the very pleasing run of big Spanish, the visiting TV crews, our new skipper, more reds than a Queensland football side and a motor upgrade, I don’t know where to start!

30 Kilo Spanish MackerelWell, let me begin with saying that the Spanish Mackerel Shootout was a great success despite less than friendly weather conditions (thanks a lot Mother Nature)! All up, 58 entrants accounted for a total of nine Spanish Mackerel and 15 reef fin fish at the weigh in.

Mick Rethus and Craig Breadsell both fought it out for the grand prize, with Craig taking home the spoils thanks to a 30.50kg Spanish.

Well done Craig. A mention must also go to our own Reefari crew who braved the shipping channel and 20-plus knot winds to secure the biggest nannygai and coral trout.

Now, on the subject of big Spanish, the Reefari crew aboard the 41’ Steber, Mako were lucky enough to play up for the cameras when Jason Kennedy from the Southern Cross TV show “Fishin Trip” came for a Reefari three day Charter. Using Berkley Frenzy and Halco Laser Pro lures, the anglers trolled up a school of high jumping, long running Spanish that not only saw us fighting numerous three-way hook-ups, but also engaging in a running battle with the ‘men in grey suits’.

By the end of a crazy 45 minute session, we’d landed eight (and a half) solid macks up to 12kg.

The same trip was topped off with an almost unheard of run of jaw-dropping red emperor, with over a dozen being landed, including a few models that gave the ten kilo mark a serious nudge!

Large Red Emperor

Without an exception, every angler onboard walked away with stretched arms, sore shoulders and big, black, angry bruises on their abdomen – yes readers, big reds pull like angry bulls!

Now folks, it may hurt, but that kind of fishing makes you grin until your cheeks ache!

Some truly awesome Reef fishing Action.

More recently, our new skipper Sally Vennick has been showing off her fish-finding skills on a recent four-day voyage by putting the punters onto some impressive patches of thumper red throat.

“They are schooling up to spawn,” she revealed. “We had an awesome trip out to the reef with the Spanish, red throat and trout all on the chew. The whales are in too and they seem to be getting more curious every year!”

Sally is a local mariner with buckets of experience on the blue and we at Reefari count ourselves very lucky to have such a seasoned professional at the helm of Mako. With time spent on the most of the well known local charter boats, Sally is sure to have some insight for us in the months ahead. Welcome aboard Sal’.

Shark Mackerel

Before I go, I should probably update you on our 32’ Cougar Cat, Raptor II. I mentioned last month that she was out of the water for an upgrade. Well, now she’s back and she goes like a scalded cat (excuse the pun) thanks to a pair of sexy 300hp outboards that I will have you too the fishing grounds, and fishing, just that bit quicker.

Well, honestly, I’ve got no complaints. Let’s just hope next month brings more of the same!