Mackay Game Fishing Club


The Mackay Game fishing club had a social weekend planned for an overnight fishing trip to Scawfell Island, which is one of the best and most scenic anchorages on the East Coast.

Scawfell island is located about 25 nautical miles to the North east from the Mackay Marina, an easy hour or so run.    Scawfell is a large island with a large horseshoe shaped bay, appropriately named Refuge bay, and  protected from our Prevailing SE Winds, with beautiful beaches and coral line bay, it’s hard to beat, plus of course some great fishing.

Large Mouth NannygaiReefari and Co, planned to fish the shipping channel, for the day, and come back to Scawfell for a bit of R & R, and spend the night, with a leisurely Sunday before heading home.

The weather gods must have known it was a Mackay Game fishing club event and the usually 15 – 20 knots forecast was standard, which of course makes things generally uncomfortable and the fishing difficult.   So in Marginal Conditions we set off In Raptor II, for some of our wide fishing marks.

Double hook up Large mouth NannygaiYohan can attest to that, being rather Green about the Gills, he still held his own and courageously fished on, although he did let quite a few go, and got plenty of ribbing for his efforts.   The tides were good, with not too much run, and the start of the build up to the full moon.

The fishing started slowly, getting some nice pan sized Nannygai, small and large, grassy sweetlip and the odd Coral Trout.

Luckily, things kept on getting better, moving to some wider marks and everybody getting their sea legs, some quality 5 & 6 kilo Nannygai now regularly were coming on board and everybody was enjoying the fishing, with the lumpy trip, now worthwhile.  We of course were the only ones silly enough to be out there.

Grassy Sweet Lip

The fish kept coming nice and steady, with a 8 Kilo Nannygai to the Skipper, Greg Reynolds a great highlight for the morning to take the fish of the day.   Jason Horton Landed a beaut 60 cm Grassy Sweetlip which pushed Reefari’s record of 63 cm, and everyone will agree is a quality fish at this size.

Yohan did finally manage to land a nice coral trout of about 3 kilo’s which was his first and was mightily impressed.

There was Plenty of Red emperor  on the chew, but being of the smaller variety around the 40 – 45 cm, they all went back for another day.

The fishing was excellent working a few new marks with one spot erupting into a 5 way hookup and Kaos, ducking and weaving rods, to end up with a mixed bag of five quality fish, 3 Largemouth Nannygai, Large Grassy sweetlip and Coral trout coming to the boat.

A top way to end a hot bite, with us deciding to move on and we left them biting, the Spanish mackerel esky was 3/4 ‘s full and a good feed for everybody.

Nannygai, Sweetlip, CoralTroutWe checked out a few new marks and then worked our way back to Scawfell island for the night with seas on our Quarter.   With calm seas, and a sheltered anchorage, the ice cold beers were very appreciated.

Definitely great fishing, great company and it doesn’t get any better.

The Mackay Game Fishing club’s next big event is the Spanish Shootout to be held over the Weekend of the 9th and 10th of July with heaps of Great prizes on offer, and not just Spanish Mackerel, with Reef fin fish species also now eligible, including Red Emperor, Nannygai and Coral Trout.

Make sure you get involved with everybody welcome, bring the kids and have a great fishing weekend.  Reefari is proud to be sponsor this event with some great mystery weight prizes up for grab.