Mackay Reef Fishing Charter Report August 2009

Red EmperorHello everybody and once again welcome back to “On The Chew” for all the August fishing info.

Yet again we have been run off our feet with charters on most days and many quality reef fish hitting the decks of our boats.

The weather has been beautiful for the most part with only a few windy days to make the calm days even better.

Big reds have again been the flavor of the month with some absolute ripper fish bringing smiles to the faces of quite a few of our customers.

Most of these fish have been averaging around the 8 kilo mark but every now and again a real horse around 12 kilo will turn up – much to our delight. The reef edges have also been producing large numbers of quality red throat.

On one particular trip we saw some of the biggest red throat that I have ever seen coming up.

They were all around the 60cm mark and seem to come in waves, where we would all hookup and then for 10 or 15 minutes the fish seemed to disappear then we would all hook up again. It was quite bizarre actually – usually they are either on or there not.

Coral TroutThe coral trout have also been turning it on for certain trips but again they seem to have been a bit irregular as well. We will go a week where we will only get one or two a trip then all of a sudden we will brain them for a few days and coral trout will make up the bulk of the catch.

All I can put it down to is they do what they want, and when they want to do it. We just have to be there at the right time. I think all of us fisherman have our theories as to what is going on down there, but the day I hear one that works 100% all of the time – well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll definitely keep it too myself.

One species that never seem to let us down are the large mouth nannys, they seem to be as reliable as the sunrise and august has been another excellent month with magnificent fish up to 11kg frequently coming back on our day trips.


I have also been kept really busy with our new sport fishing boat – “Brute Strength”. Reefari charters made quite a few trips out to the outer islands chasing big GT’s, queenfish and Spanish mackerel.

Averaging around 28 knots, our custom-built 6.1 meter center console will have you skimming across the local waterways in search of some arm stretching action. With a maximum of 4 people, there is a mile of room and the personalized service that we are known for is absolutely assured.

On one particular trip we started off the day with a bit of mackerel trolling. August and September is the time for Spanish Mackerel, and within the first hour we had managed two decent Spaniards on board. We decided to travel over to a small detached rock that is known for some hot GT action.

On the 3rd or 4th cast a good fish of about 18kg chased the surface popper all the way to the boat and he had us all yelling and screaming with excitement.

Giant TrevallyOn the very next well placed cast he came belting back around and smashed the popper with an explosion of white water. A massive battle ensued and after about ten minutes we had the beast subdued in the boat. Pound for pound these things are without a doubt the hardest fighting fish in the ocean.

A few photos and we released him to fight another day. About 10 min later we got another one off the same rock around the 10 kilo mark.

Visit our YouTube Reefari Video Channel to see the full video-. We hit several other islands and whilst trying for another GT we got absolutely smashed by a big trout on one of the poppers, a very nice consolation prize.

With a few quick drops throughout the day and some more trout and nannygai in the box for dinner it really was a great all-round day with awesome fishing and some great scenery as well.

Well that is just about it for this month. Remember to keep watching our videos on YouTube so you can see what it’s all about and if you want to come out for a look, book early as seats fill up really fast.