May Fishing Report 2010

Signs are all Good for a Bumper Winter on the Water

Hello again.  Well May has been and gone and while there were a few drops in the weather, all in all the wind and rain haven’t showed any signs of disappearing.

A cold snap is here though and that will bring big winter whiting, bream and flathead as well as more offshore species like mackerel, tuna and even those nobly-headed thumpers of the deep – snapper in the next few weeks.

Fishing Report May 2010Tony Kennedy, skipper of the Reefari Game boat Mako, revealed that the cold snap has brought larger numbers of the already prevalent reds and nannygai.

“We found that the nannygai have been of a better class since the cold snap and the trout have picked up too,” he reported.  “The trout have been coming over the side quite regularly and range from three to four kilograms.”

As for the more winter orientated species, Tony revealed that the Spanish mackerel haven’t quite come through yet.  The odd report of the odd fish coming in down south off Hay point, so they shouldn’t be far away.

“We think that the water clarity is getting better, which would explain the trout being on the chew, but it needs to clean up a little more yet for the mackerel,” Tony revealed.

Tony has had a few small snapper (squire) starting to show up around the inshore shoals, which bodes well for the coming cold season and shows the first signs of what has the potential to be a cracker snapper year.

Barcheek Coral TroutIn other news, the recent 2010 World Sooty Championships at Eungella Dam was a great success with record numbers of fish being caught.  Daniel Grech won the competition for a record second time, but was faced with stiff competition from David Creffield who caught an equal 2519mm of Sooty, but came second in a count back decider.

“We used the Rapala Clackin’Rap in shallower water where their slower sinking rate allowed us to use a more constant retrieve and then switched to heavier vibes for the deeper water where we pulled our bigger fish, including a 46cm fish that pulled like a bulldog!”

The other major local competition which is rapidly approaching in time for mackerel season is the Mackay Game Fishing Club’s inaugural Spanish Mackerel Shoot-out on the 10th and 11th of July.

This is an extremely popular event that continues to grow every year.  In 2010, for the first time there will be prize categories for reef fin fish species which should prove interesting and over $7000 in prizes.

Reefari is proud to sponsor this event and it would be great to see as many of you there as possible as it is set to be a top couple of day’s fishing.  Tickets will available from June 1 from your local tackle stores, so get in early to ensure your place.

Well that wraps things up, so here’s hoping for a bumper winter on the fishing front and some calm, clear days.

Kind Regards,