Reef Fishing Tribulations

Eight Spanish Mackerel in forty-five minutes, everybody was pumped and we decided to leave a hot bite, It was a tough call, I know, but everybody was impressed and Red Emperor were calling.

This was the start of a three day charter with Reefari onboard Mako, a big comfortable Steber 41 gameboat. Jason Kennedy from Southern Cross TV Show, “Fishin Trip”, as well as Steve Burns, and John Kavagnah were our Guests on this fishing adventure, all from Victoria.

We fished our way out to Steven’s Reef for the first night, with plans to target a secret Reddy spot at Charlie’s bommie, plus check out a few new marks on the way.

Small Mouth NannygaiThe weather was holding nicely, as we cruised over some new marks, and we dropped a few exploratory rigs down in the hope of some good fish, but unfortunately, nothing in return.

They can be hit and miss, and it pays to keep on trying, which we did, until we came across the Motherload, an unexpected bonanza which blew everyone away.

It was of course appropriately saved and the waypoint called the Motherload, what else, with five and six way hookups the norm, and all quality fish including Nannygai, Red Emperor, spangled Emperor, Cod and Trevally coming aboard thick and fast.

Even XOS Chinamen of 10 Kilo’s plus gave everyone a back breaking workout, with calls of big reds, resulting in huge disappointment, every reef fisherman knows the feeling with these fish having to be released.

They’re well known for ciguatera poisoning, and now protected.

Red EmperorTrolling the reef edges is also a popular option, and great fun, with more Spanish Mackerel, Shark Mackerel and Trevally falling to the lures. One Monster Shark Mackerel worth mentioning pushed the scales down to 10.5 kilo’s and was one of the biggest I’ve seen landed, caught by Kevin Boyle.

Red emperor came on steady and even landed several into the night, with a mixed bag of Red throat and Spangled emperor also landed for those who persevered.

Special mention must go to Sally Vennick, Reefari’s new skipper of Mako, and good to see her outfish the blokes with the biggest fish of the trip, a Huge cod of approx 25 kilo’s. Matty Sutton, the Decky and Sally went to great efforts, venting the fish, and towed before successfully being released which was great to see.

Spangled EmperorEverybody was blown away with some great fishing, with about a dozen red Emperor to 8 kilo’s, and a great mixed bag, It was decided to chase some of the Big Nannygai that Mackay is famous for, for the Camera, Going to some of our old favourites failed to find a big Nannygai, believe it or not, more Red emperor and a quality Coral trout.

That’s fishing and not a bad consolation prize, with the weather now picking up and running out of time, it was time to head for the Marina.

Make sure you checkout the above fishing video at and the “fishing Trip” TV Show in early October, will be a Red Emperor Spectacular.