Reefari Charters Wins Mackay Tourism Award 2010

The Annual Mackay tourism awards were held at the New MECC (Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre) with over 120 people attending from Mackay’s tourism industry and community leaders on Thurs 25th March 2010.

Reefari Charters Mackay Tourism AwardWith several tourism categories up for grabs,  Reefari was awarded the winner of the Transport, tours and Cruises section.  An excellent award and recognises the hard work that has gone into the last few years, establishing Reefari in a competitive industry, plus not to mention some truly awesome fishing and trophy quality fish.

Reefari Pty Ltd is a proactive Fishing charter business operating from Mackay Marina offering a quality experience, fishing and cruising the islands and reefs off Mackay.

All efforts are made to ensure the highest quality service and assistance/instruction is given to our guests, with fishing equipment, and handling of their catch and enjoyment of their fishing charter.

All efforts are made to ensure vessels are of the highest standards with regard to presentation, maintenance and cleanliness.  All fishing equipment and tackle is serviced regularly and in excellent condition.

Reefari follows all Fishing and GBRMPA  regulations, and promotes sports fishing and the release of unwanted fish.   We also participate in a fisheries research project collating data on the Spanish Mackerel, with relation to length, location of capture and fish frames kept for further research.

Reefari restricts the vessel’s catch and has imposed stricter fish bag limits to help preserve our fishing  resource.  Reefari promotes release of all Giant Trevally caught, and careful handling practices to ensure the safe release of all caught fish.

Regular meetings and training trips are undertaken to further enhance our skipper and crews skills.  Reefari charters is actively pursuing the sports fishing market for Giant Trevally, with further research, training and gaining valuable experience in catching these prized trophy fish, and developing a new fishery for the Mackay day market to the local islands and extended overnight charters.

Regular review of crew’s performance to ensure high standards are met and if any improvements can made and implemented.

Reefari actively promotes fishing in the region and sponsors and assists the Mackay Game Fishing Club’s Spanish Shootout, and Barra Pro Barra Classic fishing events and other charitable events, such as the upcoming Dig Deep for Cancer for Breast Cancer.

Reefari has gone through significant growth with management of four vessels, offering a wide array of services and charters catered to all guest’s particular needs from a small group for a half day charter through to an extended Mothershipping charter for a large group up to 7 days or more.

Reefari has formed business arrangements with local Accommodation and has experienced strong growth in the traveling market specifically for our extended charters of more than two days from the southern Cities.  Future growth is being planned for our overnight charters, mothershipping charters and Giant Trevally sportsfishing.

Reefari strives for the highest service and standards possible and to improve further, with a high customer satisfaction level achieved from most charters and good repeat business.