Reefari Fishing Report September 2009

Spanish Mackerel And Giant TrevallyWell hello again and welcome back to the September edition of on the chew. Once again we at reefari charters have been kept busy by all you keen fishermen and women who love to get out there and wet a line.

Weather wise, Mackay has probably seen its best month all year with many days barely getting above 10 knots.

I think there was only one rough weekend which happened to fall on the Cloughy’s spearfishing challenge.

Apparently the guys that got out managed some impressive fish but it wouldn’t have been for the faint hearted – good on ya for those that had a go. Other than that we have loved the flat days.

Our trips to the reef have once again been very productive with a wide variety of species coming aboard. As far as the actual reef fishing goes red throat have been by far the most prolific species closely followed by nannygai.

Large red throat emperor are one of the best eating fish on the reef and can be caught in plague proportions if you happen to locate a feeding school of them.

Red Emporer

Try using a lightly weighted pilchard like you do when you fish for trout and always use some burly to bring the fish around the boat. Trout have also started to liven up a bit with the water starting to warm up a few degrees. Some beautiful specimens have been taken aboard our day charters with one hooter of about 6kgs taken on a floating pilchard in 5 metres of water.

Pelagic fish have also been making their presence felt this month with many GT’s and large Spanish Mackerel being boated. We had an absolutely massive trip on the GT’s and Spanish with some 9 macks and 12 big GT’s coming in. The smallest of the mackerel went 20kg and the biggest 25kgs.

Spanish Mackerel

The GT’s were all in the 25 – 30kg mark and they were all taken on poppers while sight casting and released. This form of fishing truly is one of the most adrenaline pumping forms of fishing that you can possibly imagine. Check our youtube channel to see what I am talking about.

These fish run on rocket fuel!! Also speaking of Spanish mackerel, the run of fish seems to be quite late this year with September being one of our best months ever. Double and triple hookups have been the norm aboard our sportfishing boat “Obession”.

30kg CodThese fish take massive long surface runs and as we troll over the schools of fish we get these “pack attacks” occur with all the rods going off and our customers ducking and weaving about the boat following the fish – no one knows where to look – awesome stuff.

As I am writing this article we are also gearing up for the Reefari Hardline adventure. This trip is 7 days of absolute fishing adventure in some of the most pristine UN-fished locations on the east coast, up to 200 kilometres offshore on the edge of the Continental shelf!!

We are towing out our 33 foot cougar cat – “Raptor II”, our 21 foot sport fishing boat “Brute Strength” and 2 of centurion’s custom dory’s for the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Behind the luxuriously appointed M.V Centurion Mothership. We are also taking out Jason Kennedy from “Fishin Trip” for Foxtel, who hope to take enough action packed sport and reef fishing footage to make a heap of fishing shows. It’ll be tough!!

Next month, I will do a detailed report of the whole adventure so be sure to grab the industry hub next month.

Tight lines

Until Next Month