March 2011 Fishing Report

“Fresh baits are best, like gar, fusiliers and small pike,” he reported, “but we’ve caught plenty on fresh pilchards rigged on a set of ganged hooks. There are a few secrets. For instance, make sure your gangs are top quality, sharp and are rigged straight; also make sure you are using big, fresh, undamaged pilchards that have plenty of flash and shine (that’s what attracts the macks); and if the water is really clear, use 200lb non-abrasive mono (crimped) instead of wire.

February 2011 Fishing Report

Further out and near the reef Brad has been finding a few pockets of coral trout, but there have been very few larger specimens, however this could be due to the fact that the winds and currents have kept the boats from effectively fishing the deeper reef.

January 2011 Fishing Report

Well, we have never let him live it down and this trip was no different. Unfortunately for us, after two hours of travel where we ribbed him with every jibe we could come up with, the arsey bugger hooked up and landed a ten kilo red on the very first drop of the trip!

November 2010 Fishing Report

And the reef fishing didn’t disappoint, with the dories catching the usual quality red throat emperor and coral trout, and thanks to having the Cougar Cat in tow, we were off into the deep water aboard Raptor II chasing the big red emperor this area is renowned for.

September 2010 Fishing Report

Mack Attack Madness! October already!  Where has this year gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were catching snapper, and now the water is warming and were are gearing up for the tropical species to start chewing their heads off. It’s been a mad month of mackerel mayhem offshore with some calamitous catches being […]

Fishing Report August 2010

We got into plenty of good mackerel on the troll, with the Classic F18 Bluewater lures proving lethal in the gold and mackerel green colours!”

Fishing Report July 2010

Well, let me begin with saying that the Spanish Mackerel Shootout was a great success despite less than friendly weather conditions (thanks a lot Mother Nature)! All up, 58 entrants accounted for a total of nine Spanish Mackerel and 15 reef fin fish at the weigh in.

Fishing Report June 2010

Despite our initial efforts yielding fairly humble results, things began to pick up immensely. While a few of the crew were looking a little like Kermit the Frog in the complexion department, the fishing soon proved to be well worth it. 5- 6kg nannygai started coming over the side regularly, with an 8kg model falling to yours truly and a trophy 60cm grassy lipper being landed by Jason Horton.

May Fishing Report 2010

A cold snap is here though and that will bring big winter whiting, bream and flathead as well as more offshore species like mackerel, tuna and even those nobly-headed thumpers of the deep – snapper in the next few weeks.

Reefari Fishing Report April 2010

On that positive note, Reefari Charters is proud to announce that at the annual Mackay Tourism Awards, held on the 25th of March at the MECC, the team was awarded the winner of the Transport, Tours and Cruises section.