Mackay Game Fishing Club

Scawfell island is located about 25 nautical miles to the North east from the Mackay Marina, an easy hour or so run. Scawfell is a large island with a large horseshoe shaped bay, appropriately named Refuge bay, and protected from our Prevailing SE Winds, with beautiful beaches and coral line bay, it’s hard to beat, plus of course some great fishing.

Reefari Fishing Report January 2010

On the offshore side of things, Reefari Charters has been making the most of the few windows in the weather to put punters onto some seriously trophy class Nannygai and metre-plus cod. Inshore, angler’s efforts have been hampered by almost constant wet season showers.

Reefari Hardline 2009

After heaps and heaps of Planning, Our Hardline Reefari 2009 has finally come around again, and it was once again with another keen group of Anglers uniting from locally and all the southern cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Also Jason Kennedy and film crew from “Fishin trip” on behalf of Southern Cross TEN

Mackay Fishing Report November 2009

This month’s fishing report is brought to you by fishing writer and photographer Lee Brake. Lee is an avid angler, born in Mackay who has cut his teeth working in tackle shops from the age of 15. He now spends his time fishing and writing in six national publications and writes as a columnist for the popular local publication North Queensland Fish and Boat monthly.

Reefari Fishing Report September 2009

Well hello again and welcome back to the September edition of on the chew. Once again we at reefari charters have been kept busy by all you keen fishermen and women who love to get out there and wet a line. Weather wise, Mackay has probably seen its best month all year with many days […]

Mackay Fishing Charter Report July 2009

Hello again and welcome to the July edition of “On the Chew”. July has been another sensational month for fishing in Mackay and with some absolutely glass calm days to compliment. Reefari charters once again had a very busy month with many day and 2 day charters heading out to the great blue beyond.

Mackay Fishing Report June 2009

June has been a sensational month for Reefari charters with the fishing leaving all who experienced it both lost for words and a tad sore. Once again we have been really busy and with the weather staying reasonable, perfect at times, managed to get about 95% of our charters out.

Reefari Charters Fishing Report March 2009

Well as March’s go that sure was a windy one, 2 cyclones later and we still were locked up in the marina with 3 meter seas constantly pummeling the rock wall outside. Despite all this we still managed a couple of trips in the lulls between the storms.

Mackay Charter Boat Fishing Report February 2009

Hello fellow fisher folks and welcome to our monthly fishing report. Well as February’s traditionally go, its usually hot and windy, and at the start of the month the weather pattern was starting to look frighteningly like that 6 week stint of strong wind warnings that we got this time last year.