September 2010 Fishing Report

Mack Attack Madness! October already!  Where has this year gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were catching snapper, and now the water is warming and were are gearing up for the tropical species to start chewing their heads off. It’s been a mad month of mackerel mayhem offshore with some calamitous catches being […]

Reef Fishing Tribulations

Eight Spanish Mackerel in forty-five minutes, everybody was pumped and we decided to leave a hot bite, It was a tough call, I know, but everybody was impressed and Red Emperor were calling. This was the start of a three day charter with Reefari onboard Mako, a big comfortable Steber 41 gameboat. Jason Kennedy from […]

Fishing Report June 2010

Despite our initial efforts yielding fairly humble results, things began to pick up immensely. While a few of the crew were looking a little like Kermit the Frog in the complexion department, the fishing soon proved to be well worth it. 5- 6kg nannygai started coming over the side regularly, with an 8kg model falling to yours truly and a trophy 60cm grassy lipper being landed by Jason Horton.

Fishing Kaos

All except one keen angler who stuck to his guns stating he wasn’t sitting down until he’d caught his first Reddy. On one such drift it was non stop for about an hour as the skipper and I wondered why we hadn’t drifted off the mark.

Reefari Fishing Report September 2009

Well hello again and welcome back to the September edition of on the chew. Once again we at reefari charters have been kept busy by all you keen fishermen and women who love to get out there and wet a line. Weather wise, Mackay has probably seen its best month all year with many days […]

Mackay Reef Fishing Charter Report August 2009

Hello everybody and once again welcome back to “On The Chew” for all the August fishing info. Yet again we have been run off our feet with charters on most days and many quality reef fish hitting the decks of our boats. The weather has been beautiful for the most part with only a few […]

Mackay Fishing Report May 2009

Well hello again all and welcome to the May 2009 edition of the offshore fishing report. May has been a busy month with quite a bit of decent fishable weather and both our boats have been making frequent trips to the reef and shoals.