Greg Reynolds Skipper Reefari Charters

This month, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a coffee with Mackay charter boat skipper, marine surveyor and U-tube junkie, Greg Reynolds.

Greg runs Reefari Charters, a top class day tripping operation using his vessel, the 33ft Cougar Cat, Raptor II and the Steber 41 Gameboat, Mako.

Greg Reynolds Reefari SkipperReefari Charters has carved out a niche for itself in the incredibly competitive world of sports fishing and Greg has had a large part to play in that success.

You don’t have to spend long around the bloke to see why the punters like him; he’s a well mannered, amiable guy with a wealth of experience and know-how that is truly astounding.

If he’s not glued to his depth sounder or gaffing a fish, you can usually find him playing director with a camcorder in hand.

So Greg, what got you into making the U-tube videos?

Mate, the main reason is really just to show people what we’re doing. I love being able to capture the emotion, feeling and raw action as customers hook into big fish, often for the first time.

Nothing beats it! It’s not a pro fishing show by any means but it’s still live, it’s still real and it’s all happening. That’s what I love about it read more.

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