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Hotspot Fishing GPS WGS 84

Here's a few GPS postions to get you going in the Mackay Area, Some of the basics, but all proven fish producers and well worth a try.

As usual with Fishing more time on the water will result in more fish, Keep a keen eye on the sounder and mark on the GPS any good marks.

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These fishing hotspots will produce a wide variety of reef fish such as Spanish Mackeral, Tuna, Coral Trout, Sweetlip, Snapper, Cod and many other great fighting and eating fish.

NE Calder and East Three Rocks are also know to produce some catches of marlin and sailfish.

Always get to know your local tackle shop with the guys able to give some great advice, gear to use and where and when the fish are biting. Good luck and hope to see you out on the water, or come along a fishing charter with us.

We show'll you a heap of fishing tips and skills which helps us consistently catch a good feed.

Fishing Marks In GPS WGS 84
General Mackay Area Latitude Sth Latitude E
Overfall Rock 21 16.025 S     149 37.773 E
South Overfall Rock 21 18.036 S     149 38.695 E
Taroba Rock 21 09.958 S     149 16.282 E
Dangerous Reef 21 08.021 S     149 14.869 E
Slade Island 21 05.951 S     149 15.138 E
Bailey Island 21 01.748 S     149 32.931 E
Heskett Rock 20 56.226 S     149 28.994 E
Heskett Lump 20 57.154 S     149 28.432 E
Refuge Bay Scawfell Is 20 51.029 S     149 35.323 E
Nw Calder Island 20 45.654 S     149 36.820 E
Helvellyn Rocks 20 49.593 S     149 17.800 E
Deveureux Rock 20 48.454 S     149 18.764 E
NE Calder 20 44.200 S 149 40.300 E
East Three Rocks 20 54.560 S     149 47.683 E 

The waypoints above are for those that want to try it on their own. Make sure you enter these GPS WGS 84 waypoint marks into your GPS before leaving and you will surely e coming home with a good catch.

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