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How To Catch Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally definitely are awesome and can take some catching, It definitely pays to be prepared and having quality gear is well worth it.

50lb Braid would be a minimum, and even then can be too light, resulting in a lot of lost lures and spectacular bust ups.

You really need to be looking at using 80lb and even 100lb when fishing for Giant trevally this is the way to go when targeting the bigger versions of this awesome fighting fish, ot the results you can experience are broken terminal gear, reels, and ego’s.

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Make Sure You have Top Quailyt Gear To Fight These Giant Trevally

How To Catch Giant TrevallyTop of the range quality gear is the way to go here with Stella’s, dogfights and Saltiga’s well worth the investment, with beautiful drags and quality engineering which can take the punishment.

I’m a big fan of Shimano and A stella 10000 or 20000 would be well worth considering, to see one of these reels loaded up and the amount of drag they can withstand is truly amazing. $1000 a reel doesn’t go too far in this league, but is money well spent.

Another newcomer is Tuff Tackles XTA Diablo Sniper 10000, and we’re running on all our charter boats, Beautifully engineered, Australian built with 9 + 1, shielded ball bearings, precision stainless steel gears, upgraded Carbontex drags,

Keep an eye out for these unbelievable fishing reels. These reels are phenomenal rate up to 130lb line, and 30kg of Drag, now we are talking serious.

Fisherman are really spoilt with choice and some great quality reels are starting to come on the market at a reasonable price. Finn nor, Penn and Ryobi are coming back with some great spinning reels and are well worth considering in the medium price range.

Quality Lures Are Also A Must Have Item

GT FishingQuality lures, split rings and hooks are also needed, with GT’s finding any weak links real quick.

Go for owner hooks and split rings, they’re about the tuffest in this class, with 130 - 150 lb mono leaders of at least a metre attached to braid doubles.

Giant Trevally are a Predatory fish, and one thing they can’t go past is a baitfish in distress skipping across the surface.

Giant Trevally love surface feeding attacking Gar, Wolf Herring and anything else that moves, hence they love Poppers and Stickbaits on the surface.

They’re like a pack of mad dogs competing against each other to smash the poor baitfish, and this is the same with a popper or Stickbait. They can’t help themselves and this is where you get those spectacular surface strikes, nothing beats seeing 3 or 4 big GT’s competing for your lure and smashing it at your feet.

Check out your local tackle shops for their range of Poppers and Stickbaits, but pay close attention to Hooks and Split rings, Quality Pays, and worth even replacing and upgrading hooks, if need be. GT – Giant Trevally love structure and normally aren’t far away from a reef edge, bommie, rocky point, rocks and islands. Look for a bit of current and white water where they’ll be sitting to ambush any unexpected baitfish.

Plenty of casting is needed, and can be hard work over a day, work those lures into the white water right up on the reefs edge or rock face and crank her back into the boat. The beauty is it’s very visual, and when you see those GT’s coming. Don’t stop, keep on cranking, and they’ll find the mark. If they miss, get that lure straight back in there and try again.

Trolling for Giant Trevally - GT’s is another option, and usually a great bycatch when trolling for Spanish Mackerel, once again reef edges, points and islands are great hangout’s for these wonderful fish. Another trick is to have an angler casting a popper off the bow or the side of the boat working the white water as your trolling past fishy looking structure.

Rapala’s X Raps are great and we have caught many GT’s and Spanish Mackerel on these great lures and well worth always having in your lure spread. Other favourite lures worth trying are Halco Laser Pro, RMG Scorpions, and Classic Bluewater F18. Don’t leave home without them.

Have You Ever Tried Jigging For Giant Trevally

Jigging is another method and a high speed jig can make all the difference, also work great across the surface, but a super fast retrieve is needed to create that surface actions, splash and Kaos which GT’s love. Once hooked you will for life, GT fishing will blow you away, it is addictive.

You Can Also Use Live Baits

Livebaits are another option, especially if lucky enough to have them schooling up at the back of the boat, It’s an awesome sight to see, and an unweighted livebait won’t stand a chance. I’ve even caught them berlyed up on whole reef fish frames, Large Red throat emperor frames swallowed whole like lollies, pretty spectacular stuff!! The Giant Trevally is definitely one amazing fish, and never ceases to amaze.

Sport Fishing For GT

Well worth taking a fishing charter with “Obsession” and “Raptor II” available for fishing the local Mackay and Whitsunday Islands, and “Mako” available for that fishing adventure for a few days to locations such as Bugatti Reef, Square Reef, Middle Island and even Shoalwater bay,

We really are spoilt for GT Fishing in Mackay!!

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