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Giant Trevally Fishing Charters

GT FishingGiant Trevally are Awesome! They are nature’s bulldozer of the Great Barrier Reef, and boy do these fish take some stopping.

Just check out some of our fishing videos, with the very popular Giant Trevally as the stars and some exhausted anglers, and you’ll see what we mean.

Having Good Fishing Gear is Essential When Fishing For Giant Trevally

You’ll need fully locked up 80 or 100lb Braid on Stellas and Saltiga’s to stand half a chance, and even then they pull line off at a phenomenal rate, and Bust ups are still very common.

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Sports fishing, if you can call it that, this is fishing at its brutal best. Once hooked up, hang on for the battle of your life.

They’ve got it all with unbelievable grunt, huge size, and spectacular surface strikes, it doesn’t get any better, and you can see why there such a famous trophy fish the world over.

Giant Trevally FishingMackay is lucky enough to have a world class fishery for these great fish on our doorstep throughout the offshore Whitsunday Islands, and further afield through out the Great Barrier Reef and coral lagoons.

With two massive coal terminals south of Mackay, Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay, which are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, forming a massive artificial reef just perfect for Giant Trevally fishing.

Schools of up to 50 fish can be regularly sighted swimming and feeding around the pylons, chasing poor unlucky baitfish. I believe this helps make a great breeding and nursery area which further populates the surrounding Mackay Region, islands and reefs.

Also home to massive Jewfish or Mulloway, the Berths and Ports are now strictly closed to fishing and boating, but does provides a great boost to the local GT, Giant Trevally Population.

Security and heavy fines apply so please ensure you do stay well clear of the port. We are truly blessed in Mackay for some of the best fishing on the east coast of Australia. Did I mention the Spanish Mackerel!!

Giant Trevally ChartersGiant Trevally can grow to a massive 60kg +???, but commonly caught in the 10 – 20kg range, note caught, as a lot of the bigger models are hooked but rarely landed, Some true monsters of up to 40kg are regularly hooked but normally blown away in quick succession.

Giant Trevally An Awesome Fighting Fish

Giant Trevally are famous for their spectacular surface strikes on poppers and stickbaits which will blow you away. If that doesn’t get the heart racing and adrenalin flowing, it’s time to give up fishing.

It’s well worth getting the personal VIP Treatment and take a GT Fishing Charter on “Obession” and get amongst all the Giant Trevally action.

GT Fishing LuresOne of the best and toughest battles I’ve seen is when trolling lures out at Southampton Reef, we hooked a large Giant Trevally in the Pectoral fin, unbeknown to us, Unbelievable fight, and in the end calling for a large shark, we thumbed the spool and had her locked her up too make any ground, and to our amazement was a massive GT, half an hour later. They are one tough customer and was released, to swim away unfazed.

Check out our “how to catch Giant Trevally” page with more great fishing hints and tips on how to catch one of these awesome fish.

At present no size limits relate to GT’s, Giant Trevally, but saying that Reefari strictly release all Giant Trevally, just too great a fish to catch once. They’re not especially great for eating, and when spoilt with our great range of reef fish on the Great Barrier Reef, why bother. Take a reef fishing charter as well for Coral Trout, Red emperor and Nannygai if after a feed!! Please look after this amazing fishing resource if lucky enough to catch one of these great fish and please release.

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