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The Reefari Hardline Experience Day 2

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Finding Our Feet

It is a common misconception that it’s enough to merely travel to the outer reef and drop over the side, after which schools of trophy fish will line up to jump on your hook, angels will then sing and beer will rain joyously from the clouds.

It simply isn’t the case. Like fishing any new location, it takes some time to find your feet and suss out when, where and how the fish can be caught.

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We divided ourselves into two groups for the first day’s serious fishing and while half embarked on the Raptor II, the others pushed on with the Trigla.

Our bunch of characters would remain the same throughout the expedition and included Horto, Jason, Neil, Dave and me, as well as Greg the skipper and Nathan the deck hand.

We were tackle-rats to the man and fishing stories flowed almost as fast as the beer.

Reef Shark

Greg had a game plan that involved fishing a deep shoal in Hydrographer’s Passage and then continuing on to Bugatti Reef where he planned to fish the deep fringes. Raptor II blasted away at first light and left a trail of foam in its wake.

Boat Wake

Upon arriving at the shoal we discovered a gradual sea rise of around 10 metres that was, according to the depth sounder, holding some fish life. Our first drift over this shoal was a gut-busting success due to Neil, who set about battling a behemoth.

Neil was the story teller of the crew, one of those guys who knows just when to raise his voice or gesture wildly with his hands for maximum effect. His secret weapon was a slightly longer Live Fibre rod that had a soft tip. According to Neil, it had earned a fierce reputation amongst the Brisbane Snapper fisho’s and it was now sticking it to the dwellers of this deep shoal.

Neil, to his credit, didn’t muck around. Not only did he have a legal Red Emperor on the top hook but on the bottom was a snodger of a Trout. It wasn’t a bad first drop and the boys were in fine spirits.

From then on however, things slowed down and after a few quick drifts it was on to Bugatti Reef. The shoals in front of the reef were showing fish thicker than Beijing air pollution and as our lines drifted over them, all hell broke loose. These fish pulled like angry Sumo wrestlers and the sharks that intercepted them halfway to the boat pulled even harder.

A few good Redthroat and a nice Trout did make it to the surface but it was mostly a case of making donations to the big men in grey suits.

Shark Attack

The other crew aboard Trigla had a similar day with some reasonable catches around Bolton Reef but, mostly sharks. After dinner, and some night time Redthroat catches, it was into our bunks for some much needed catch up sleep.

Reefari Hardline Day Three- The Fast And Furious Action Continues

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