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Reefari Hardline Great Barrier Reef Experience Day 5

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White Tipped Coral Trout

Snorkeling The Great Barrier ReefOur last morning at the hardline was spent relaxing and snorkelling. The water was the most pristine blue and to say that the undersea life was prolific would be like saying Bill Gates has some spare change.

We frolicked with turtles, Trout, Parrot Fish and even watched the odd reef shark glide by. You really can’t come to the outer reef and not snorkel at least once.

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Once the aquatic sightseeing was out of our system, it was back to hunting fish. The Trout chose Tuesday to come on the bite in a serious way. Greg put us onto several patches where they were just going off! For days previous we could catch little else but Redthroat and now, the Trout were invading.

I hooked one that kept its head down and continuously lunged for bottom, testing me thoroughly. I called it straight away for a huge Trout and the boys gathered around in silent expectation.

Coral Trout

I fought it until all my little rod-butt bruises had merged into one giant one and then we finally had colour. All the boys doubled over laughing as Neil revealed that I’d conquered a special “white-tipped Coral Trout” common name – “Reef Shark”. Yes, I took the heat off Dave and his $39 lure sacrifice was suddenly forgotten as I became the butt of a decent ribbing.

But, the white tipped variety aside, we did hook into over 15.5 prime Coral Trout (the boys on Trigla got just as many and a pair of Red Emperor), including one half Trout that was almost the fish of the day until it experienced some intense weight loss thanks to a very proficient dietician in a grey suit.

While the Trout were on, Horto did share with us the secret of an ingenious burley machine. It’s as simple as putting pilchards down an electric marine toilet and letting the macerator do its job. Half a dozen halved pillies later, and we had a feeding frenzy on our hands. Everything, including some Trout were churning in the burley slick. Try it sometime; it’s simple and effective.

Reefari Hardline Day Six- Fast And Furious Barrier Reef Fishing Action

No Fish Is Too Big For Reefari Hardline...

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