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Reef Fishing Charters

Red EmperorMackay located right in the Middle of the Great Barrier Reef has some of the best reef fishing and boating on the East Coast of Australia, with countless destinations.

With numerous reef fish to catch as well, with some of the best eating and beautiful fish of all. Some of these species include the prized Coral Trout, Red Emporer, Redthroat Sweetlip, Nannygai, Numerous Cod species and heaps more. Even the Maori Wrasse and Barramundi cod, although now protected.

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We can fish the outer reefs such as Credlin, Stevens and Coles Reef which are 120 Kilometres offshore, or the reefs surrounding the closer islands. With an outer reef fishing trip, the vessel departs at 6:30am and leaves at about 4pm, returning back to the marina by 6:30 pm, giving you a full day out on the reef, Dare you to compare our unbeatable value.

Maori Wrasse
Visit Our Maori Wrasse Page

Outer or Inner Islands, depart at 7am and usually back by 6pm. With bottom bashing a popular option, this is where the braid come into full use. Normally a dropper rig with two hooks is the way to go.

With the freshest of bait, normally Squid, Pilchards and fresh flesh baits, you can’t go wrong.

Handy Fishing Tip: Don’t forget the wings, top bait and the bigger reef fish just love ‘em. Fresh Flesh as well, Coral Trout just cant help themselves.

Another Fishing Tip: put out a livebait on balloon, you never know what might cruise along, from a Spanish Mackeral, Cobia or Black Kingfish, Giant Trevally to a Bronze Whaler shark to give you a good workout.

Overnight Reef Fishing Trips

Same as our reef fishing trips, but sometimes one day isn’t enough, This gets you fishing longer, harder and further into the Great Barrier Reef.

blue spot coral troutAlso into the night, when the reef fish and sharks come out to feed. Great experience to enjoy the stars and solitude of a night out on the water, awesome stuff!!

Trips on demand, but will leave 6 am and return approx 6pm the night, end of the charter. Once again, destinations can be chosen, and could include Coles, Kindemar, Liff, Square, Creal Reef or many more.

If you are interested in finding out more about our boat charters you can contact Greg on Mobile: 0413 821 736

or just complete the form below and we will getback to you ASAP...


For the Ultimate Day out and some fast reef fishing action with some of the best fish around especially on light tacke book your reef fishing adventure today...

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