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Maori Wrasse

Maori Wrasse

One of the most beautiful and amazing reef fish species is the Maori Wrasse, or their full name the Hump Headed Maori Wrasse.

Growing to over 6 foot and 180kgs in weight, it's not often their caught over 25 kgs in size due to their great fighting ability and power.

Often there unstoppable and soon reef you, cutting you off in the process, leaving you stunned wandering what that was.

Jacq was lucky enough on a recent trip to 3 rocks to hook a fish of a lifetime, this Maori Wrasse succumbed to a floating Garfish and clear of the reef was able to be caught, although he didn't come in too easy as Jacq will confirm.

New fishing regulations have now protected these awesome fish and they're making a comeback in good numbers. With alot more juvenile fish caught, Aram also catching a nice juvenile wrasse on the same trip.

After some great photo's, the wrasse was towed to help revive and released to see another day. Amazing stuff!!

Juvenile wrasse
Hook Up
Aram with a nice Juvenile Maori Wrasse. Jacq's on little did he know how big this Maori Wrasse would be.
Giant Maori Wrasse
What a Fish!!  This Magnificent Maori Wrasse could be considered to be a Fish of a lifetime.
Beautiful colours, and an exhausted Jacq, this Maori Wrasse put up a great fight.
show piece
Decky " Dutchy" showing the true size 20Kg Plus Reviving the old girl, and successfully releasing the Maori Wrasse

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