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Floating Baits For Spanish Mackerel

We all love to go fishing especailly when we talk about the great fighting fish "Spanish Mackerel" and we all love to do things the easy way. It doesn’t get any easier than flicking out a floating Pilchard or Gar (Ballyhoo), or even a Wolf herring. The amount of fish this accounts for is amazing and is just so easy.

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When fishing the islands or the Great Barrier Reef, Have a wire trace, single strand 100lb with a gang of 6/0 hooks, usually three for pilchards, four for Gar (ballyhoo) up to a metre long. Then have a couple of metres of 100lb mono for a leader tied to a double on the main line.

Spanish Mackerel Floating BaitLine class may vary for 12 lb to 50lb for most situations and depends on personal preference, sport and how badly you want a feed. I like to have one rod rigged, usually a spinning reel with 30lb mono for a bit of sport, and gives the guests a good work out. Especially when a good size shark jumps on, does happen and gives ém a good workout.

Make sure your bait, lies nice and flat, no weight and simply cast out behind the boat. One of the easiest and very productive way of catching a nice Spanish Mackerel. Nice and quick, and usually the mackerel hooks itself as it screams off at a hundred miles and hour.

The other bonus is when your bait slowly drifts to the bottom, quality reef fish such as Red throat emperor and coral Trout are quick to rise for an easy feed. Tough bonus I know, and these are the things which make fishing the reef special.

Works all the time and amazing how many Spanish and Shark Mackerel fall to this easy method, even quite large fish up to 20kg at times.

Big Spanish MackerelOther techniques may include a skirt, plastic octopus over the bait, adding a bit more Colour and action. Use a balloon if need be, and if no current as the floating bait can drift down among your other fishing lines whilst bottom Bashing. Just adjust the size of the balloon to the wind condition, large balloon if light winds and not so big when windy. Too easy,

Wolf Herring are another great bait and well worth drifting out, Spanish Mackerel love them, and eat them like lollies, the only downside is they are not cheap, at $5 a wolf herring or more, but check out your local tackle shop and they should have a good supply for you.

Be also on the look out for good quality gar (Ballyhoo), There’s Gar and there’s Gar, Fresh is Best and you can even source top quality Gar from your local fish market, Extra large models in tip top condition.

Buy a few and individual freeze in Gladwrap, or even on a quiet windy day, prerig your baits and swimming rigs so when you go fishing, you’ve got half a dozen baits ready. There’s nothing worse then being in a hot bite, total Kaos and wasting time having to rig baits.

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