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Sport Fishing Charters

TrevallyFor those people who love to throw a lure, grab one of our combo’s, or bring your own favourite light tackle gear, light line and we’ll put you amongst it with our sport fishing charter.

There are numerous schools of Tuna and Mackeral off the coast of Mackay throughout the year, the best sport fishing method is to use a lure or sight casting into these feeding fish, this can provide some phenomenal sport fishing action and plenty of excitement for all on board. Once we hit a school the action is think and fast not for the faint hearted fisherman. But well worth giving it a go..

Our experinced deckies are there to help you land that monster fish and teach you all the tips and techniques of sport fishing thoughout the day.

As with sport fishing and as the name states "sport" the lighter the line the greater the challenge and of course the more fun.

Fishing Tip: Match your lure size or slug to the size of the bait they’re feeding on.

Quite common are the Longtail Tuna and Mackeral Tuna, growing up to 10 – 15 kilograms. The mackerel you are likely to come across are school, spotty and grey mackerel feeding on the surface or the water.

Golden TrevallyOther great fishing can be throwing poppers to Giant Trevally and Queenfish, in the extra large size along the reef edges or rocks and headlands. With unbelievable pulling power of the Giant Trevally and aerial antics of a queenfish, you’ll know you well and truly hooked up.

Some great spots around the Mackay region and outer islands exist.

If you are interested in finding out more about our boat charters you can contact Greg on Mobile: 0413 821 736

or just complete the form below and we will getback to you ASAP...


For the Ultimate Day out and some fast Sport fishing action with some of the best fish around especially on light tacke book your reef fishing adventure today...

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