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Over Night Reef Fishing Game Boat Charters

Steber 41 Game Fishing VesselYou’ve done the day trip and you want more, don’t blame you!! Let’s get serious about some real fishing adventure. The next tough decision is how long, MAKO is ideal for 2 to 4 day boat charters fishing remote unchartered reefs even including the famous Hardline reefs, up to 200 kilometres offshore!!.

Want more, try one of our Hardline Reefari’s, unbelievable fishing action with an 80 foot Mothership, gameboat tender and dories suitable for 5 to 7 days and even longer if desire. Of course, you’re well fed, everything included and with great service to match, fishing doesn’t get any better.

Great Reef Fish Catch


This charter leaves Friday afternoons, and is great for those with limited time to spend on the Great Barrier Reef but still want to maximise valuable fishing time. Arriving approximately 10pm at anchor in the shelter of the reef and for those that a keen you can have a fish by all means

This is usually when the Red Emporer are out and about, and on occassion a big Red Throat Emporer as well or even a maori wrasse, Try and a get good nights sleep as you’ve got a full day of reef fishing ahead as we are up early and straight into it. No lost travelling time and the best time of the day for fishing the Great Barrier Reef.

Red Throat

Weather dependant, but more time means you can travel further to better parts of the reef with less fishing pressure. Some of the reef's may include Liff, Boulton, Coles, Creal, Square, Southhampton, Chauvel & Kindemar. With distances of up to 130 Kilometres you’re really out there amongst it.

Red Emporer Fish

Breakfast sees you eating a big serve of Bacon and eggs to keep the energy up for the day and then fish hard!! Plenty of reef species to catch with Bottom bashing, Trolling, snorkelling etc. all available,

Totally up to you, and what you’d like to catch. Sunset drinks whilst catching more fish with mates is hard to beat, best of all, usually not another boat in sigh. Keep fishing, usually most boats are heading in and missing out on that afternoon prime fishing bite. After dinner, Keep fishing cause the Red throat emporer’s can come on the chew, this is what reef fishing is all about. A big day and you’ll be buggered, but it’s all worth it.

Fishin' TripDear Greg and crew,

What a wonderful 3 days.

To set sail from Mackay and drop the boys onto some of Australia’s hottest Red action is unbelievable.

This is a truly unique style of fishing which Reefari offers. Firstly to target Spanish mackerel on the way out and to leave them biting much to my dismay and then follow up catching Red Emperor and Nannagi just hours later, shows me the skill and dedication which your skipper and crew.

We will be coming back next year, the fishing, the food and the people made this Fishin’ Trip well worth the journey from Melbourne, highly recommended to any angler.

Kind regards
Jason Kennedy - Host of Fishin’ Trip - Southern Cross

Get some sleep cause it’ll be time to do it all again, Sunday’s all go, topping up the esky and having a last bit of fun and relaxing a bit. Time for lunch and depending on travel requirements aim to be back in Mackay Marina for 5 – 6 pm, with an approximate travel time of 4 hours home.

With mega cheap airfares and connections with Major cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, it makes for a great affordable weekend getaway. Planned right, no additional accommodation costs are incurred.

Feel free to contact us to help with travel logistics. Your frozen reef fish, all filleted can be Packed and taken home as well in Airport approved packaging. Please mention this requirement when booking.

3 & 4 DAY Reef Charter Packages

Even better than 2 Days!!, Time to relax, time to get into the mood of the reef, With more time to explore and go further afield into, Yes even unchartered areas of the reef with quality reef fish too match.

Why rush!! With more time, opportunity to go to the Hardline reefs, Chase GT’s, see massive coral reef lagoons, hand feed Tawny sharks, troll for Spanish Mackeral and heaps more.

Tawny Sharks

Venture into remote reefs barely seen by humans. Only the odd Charter boat and pro fisherman venture to these remote reefs, with distances up to 200 kilometres offshore, it’s fishing nirvana. Reefs may include little and big Bugatti, the Falses, May’s Bay, White tip and heaps more.

Great Barrier Reef

With reef charters greater than 72 hours in length, bag limits of Coral reef fin species are doubled to 40 fish per person. Get your mates together, and book early!! This is really the Ultimate Boys Trip!!

If you are interested in finding out more about our boat charters you can contact Greg on Mobile: 0413 821 736

or just complete the form below and we will getback to you ASAP... Make Sure You Check Out Our Reasonable Prices Charter Boat Rates


To book your reef fishing charter or any of our customised boat charters through out the Great Barrier Reef please contact Reefari boat charters using the form or phone numbers above.

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